Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm missing.

hello pople.

I've been neglected my blog since long time ago. I started to miss bloging, will be back and updates my blog if I could. This is the first time and the first post via blackberry, of course not that conveniet. Anyhow, will complete this. I think its time to ask daddy to subscribe one broadbands for me since have been suffered long time ago & now totally can't stand it at all. Hehehe.

And also, this is my first post in 2012 . I skipped many many posts , definitely. Guess what, actually now am waiting for my dad go out for dinner. Updates blog with using phone, obviously not hat enjoy .
I'm missing in many social network due to there has no network connection in the house.

Hopefully will be back to here in few days times. Ciao people. Xx :)