Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello, actually i've no idea what to blog now. Am actually waiting him to reach kuantan, he is on the way right now. Anyway, i am not really in the mood, mixed feelings and i have no idea what to do right now. Everything comes at the same time, i dont know what to do. I feel sorry but this is your responsible right, i dont know how.. 
I do hope everything will be better as fast as possible anyway.

Holiday started but there's a lot of tuitions during holidays and i am so lazy to care about it , i just hope there's no tuitions (I'm dreaming) ! Anyway, i hope i could go for some shopping in this holidays and have some outings with friends. I have no idea what to do everyday in the house, i think its time to manage my time and "waste'" some times on school works and tuition's homework, I'm gonna complete it as fast as i can.

So, actually i have nothing to do now and i simply update a new post in my blog. I spent my whole monday afternoon to watch XiaXue's Guide to Life videos, she does change a lot, i meant everything about her. I like her, i like hers sarcasm replies toward others who's trying to hurt her and her family friends. Cant deny, Dashiel ( XiaXue's new born baby) is very adorable. I can't wait to watch some videos about dashiel in future lah.

I should stop slacking everyday at home and do something meaningful to me and start reading the novel that jason bought to me.  Oh yeah, Howard's dog, Hayley came over and feel glad LuiLui has a companion already. But too bad, I guess they dislike each other lah, they just cant stop barking each other during evening. Somehow, it is kinda irritating. SO NOW, Hayley is barking down there. 

Tell meeee! What else i can do ?! Besides sleeping, eating, watching dramas. I have no idea at all !! Okay, I have no idea what to talk about . Its time to off to lay on bed and rollllllll... 

From this post what i can see is, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. 
P.s/ Sorry, actually i dont know what im talking about in this post lol lol.


Friday, May 24, 2013


Saturday - 25052013 ; 4.29am 

Hello people, I know I have neglected this page almost half of a year. I was busying with my studies, I still cant accept and get used with it like seriously. The past four months , I was trying hard to get used everything and I spent my everyday time to complete my homeworks, tuitions and exam. But I still can't manage to finish up everything in time. To be honest, I expected all these will happen in this year, it gonna be a tough year for me. So, I'm trying to get used and do better in every single thing. Every subject in form 4 is very tough for me ( maybe i still cant get used with) but i believe day by day everything will be fine. :)

In these few months, really did happened a lot of stuffs. So I gonna share several incidents which made my life colourful at here. I went to Singapore during Chinese new year and i had my reunion dinner with family at Singapore for the first time. Although I unable to get many clothes as I bought quite a lot of clothes last year, Christmas  I still felt satisfied and happy. Felt happy that I got to meet up with the cousins. 

My sweet sixteen wasn't that perfect like what I expected, but I felt grateful and blissful that everyone I loved was with me during my birthday. Especially my friends, they gave me a big surprise ( and that's my bf's idea, anyway, thankyou love) when i was ready for recess and my bf was holding my favourite flavour cake, which is tiramisu walking into my class. Hehe, thankyou my friends. 

 150413 , First anniversary with my love. Time flies, can't believe we went thru all the ups and downs together and spent more than 365days. I feel much appreciated and loved in everything you've done to me. Although there's arguments during those days , but we still able to go through together and forgive each other. I promise that I will keep this relationship going and will not end this <3 nbsp="">

Mid year exam is finally over. And today is the second day of the holidays. I've spent my time on movies with the siblings. I watched Star Trek and Fast & Furious 6 just now. Both movies are great but i will prefer Fast & Furious 6 than Star Trek. I just cant describe how awesome Fast & Furious 6 is, MUST WATCH lah. haha! I'm having two weeks holiday, packed with tuition. Ugh! Anyway, i hope everyone is enjoying during holidays ! Have fun!! 

Time to sleep! Goodnight ! xoxo 

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Christmas is near, and I am sure everyone is very excited of it. So, me either :) Btw, for me, the most scarier day is coming very very soon. Result day is coming and I am going to know the result and face it. I admit, I finding many ways to avoid that day because I am not brave enough and I no dare to face it. When people asks me about my target. In my mind, of course I hope I could get full A's, but this seems like not going to happen. Somehow, hopefully my result will be better than i expected.

So far, I did not see any Christmas decorations everywhere, maybe some of  the place. I started to wonder, wonder how is the decoration in singapore, especially in orchard road! I cant wait to see the decoration in singapore on next week :D 

Last year december @Orchard road.

Last year Orchard  road's decoration was so so, not so special actually. But simple and nice :D I remember last Christmas, I had my dinner @Kraze burger, Marina Bay Sand with family. After dinner we had Cold Rock's ice cream, i received kinda lots of christmas presents as well.

I'm going to singapore next week with cousins. You know,  I really cant wait!! But too bad, probably i couldn't celebrate christmas in singapore this year. Have no any idea and so far i dont have any event during Christmas. Sounds so friggin' lifeless!! I do really hope something special happen before this year ends.
Exactly, I can't wait 2013. It will be a better year and will be a productive year, I believe :)

So at this moment, I'm so worrying about my result ! Jeez.
Anyway, wish everyone has an awesome Christams. Merry Christmas in advanced :))

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

As always, I always hope i’ve a cute and sweet relationship without arguing. You dont say!! Who doesn’t want?  Sometimes i wonder, what is the problem? Am I  being unreasonable? Am I too immature or naive ? Or I get jealous easily? Are these cause us keep argue ? Who doesn’t feel sick of these?
Feel so fail.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hello peeepo.
I’ve been neglecting my twitter since the day my phone not beside me. I tried to tweet by using my laptop, but anyhow i couldn’t tweet as much as i tweet by using my phone. I feel weird, i dont know why! I miss my phone anyway. Mag’s phone having problem again, i met the same people again. Im so sick with this! /shaking head/ Which means I went to brightstar center again. A guy went in, he went there to collect his phone which sent to service, and he got the new one!! I’m sure I’ll be superb happy if i was him, he is using blackberry bold 9900 in white color. So Much Jealous!!
Alright, today totally not my day. I miscalculate the dates, i never expect my best friend visits me in the middle of night! I thought I was having stomachache or whatever, and i woke up, realized period instead and i was having menstrual cramp as well! So much pain, i really unable to describe how it feels. I vomited something out, white color liquid ( I dont know what it is) ! After vomited, i feel so weak and i cant feel my legs at that time! But i still went down to take some medicine and filled in hot water into the hot water bag! I went back to my room i tried hard to make myself fall asleep, at last i aslept. Horrible night in my life ever !! Terrible !! Superb terrible.
My life? Lifeless. I dont know how am i suppose to spend my day! Planned to go out for a date with boyfriend but ended up cancel due to i’m having menstrual cramps. He wanted to come over but i stopped him. Hehe! :3 I can’t wait to see him tomorrow, he is coming over tomorrow :D
So, november going to end. (happy thing for me ) I cant wait go to singapore with my cousins and my boyfriend might going too :3 I believe we will create many more good memories in those days :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Can't get used with it

So, i brought my phone to service yesterday morning due to my phone unable to detect the memory card ,format my phone and install 7.1 software and also add chinese too . I received the call from brightstar, blackberry service center. She told me that my phone should be okay, i was kinda happy when i heard about it. I went to  brightstar and i wanted to take my phone, she asked me to try whether the memory card can detect my phone or not. I tried. Unluckily, it cant detect to my phone. At that moment, I really feel like throwing my phone to the wall. LOL!

so this is the model of my phone. Of course this picture is not taken by me. I dont even have any picture of my phone :x
Lets continue it, so she asked me to passed my phone back to her, and she said they have to send to KL and repair it. After that, she told me that i have to wait at least two weeks or maybe sometimes more than two weeks or maybe around one month. I was like, WHAT? ONE MONTH?! PLEASE DON’T !
And now i’m really cant get used with it. I’m using my old sony ericsson phone hahaah! with those keypad, and i really cant get used with it. I’m like have to use thousands years to reply a message ! -.-

So fucking ugly -__-
I meant this keypad, so freaking hard to press. How i used this last time? LOL!

Currently, I’m waiting my phone to come back my side. I meant if, my phone cant repair. (Luckily still under warranty ) At the same time, of course i hope they can change a new one to me \(^o^)/ *dreaming*  IF, i really can get a new one. Can i take the white color blackberry? Kinda cool uh. :p
This is what i want, cool enough? Anyway, i can’t get used with this phone!! :/

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well, the main exam over! In this moment i should be very enjoy and having fun with all my friends. I remember i was superb excited the days after exam, but actually what i found in these days is BORED

I feel so fucking lifeless. I have nothing to do every second except eat, sleep, watch tv...
Everyday rotting at home. Burrr, this is definitely not what i expected.

I thought what i want is, freedom. But freedom brought me bored, and this is not what i want. Currently, I'm in the progress planning something fun with the girls & i hope the plans we'r planning right now really work and not just plain talking. 

Two more months, another important day in my life, and also the time to face the fact. I dont expect more, and i'll accept what i get. The result is gonna show me how many effort i'd put in my studies. If, i meant if, i really get a really bad result, means i gonna do much more better in the future. Of course, i'll feel happy if i get an excellent result. But sorry for saying that, I've no confident at all. 

Three more months, a new life start. And i'm sixteen. hehe! I hope next year will be a good year for me. Be more hardworking & concentrate in studies and dont be a monkey anymore. hahaha. So at this moment, i should be enjoy my holiday & waiting something good happen.

;) ! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

killing me.

Ello peeps. 

I have no idea what's happening on me. I feel tired, i feel extremely tired. Sometimes i wonder how am i suppose to get rid from this stressful life. And living in a stress-free life? I understand, and i know this is just another tiny ordeal in my life. I'm going to face a lot a lot a lot of problems , obstacles. I'm clear what i suppose to do now, but sometimes i really cant stand in this life. I should be study hard and not going to care about everything just studies. 

I'm worried, i'm afraid. I don't know what's going on if i did not get a good result? I'm worrying how am i going to face my family, relatives, friends and also myself? At the same time, I also do wonder who's the one cares about me besides my friends and my boyfriend. Yeah, i meant my family. I feel sad, i know this wouldn't help me in my results. But mentally, it helps me a lot. You know what? I really hope i could see my family support and encourage me. But i can see non. 

Having raya holidays, i thought this holidays could let me release some stress. But it increasing.... I'm starting to afraid, i'm afraid of the exam. No one knows me well, even my family. I've no confidence at all, i don't know what will happen during on the exam. What result i will get . Sorry for saying that, sometimes i have the urge to give up everything. But i know i have to face it to get my awesome future by myself. 

Two more subjects, three more papers. I haven't ready about it. Tomorrow i have to start the war again, for me it's too late but anyway i still have to face it. However, i still have to face it whenever i get a good or bad result in the trial. Anyway, studies really killing me .

Seriously, I'm Tired....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shout and say finally

Ding- Dong , hello peeps. Just feel like want to shout and say finally. Im finally got to online and updating myself in every social networks. Anyway, my blog and my facebook's profile seriously dead and of course twitter is not including. Im such a tweeter-holic HAHA! Oh well, honestly i really get used in using my blackberry to type instead of keyboard. If i really get to finish up this post i'll really appreciate it. You know what, i keep on typo. ngekkk. 

Allllllright, here is a little girl in lo-lo-loveeeeee ! *waving hands* and its me !! hahahaha. So yeah, im so enjoying my life right now. Im like finally found a boy that helped me fixed my broken hearts, and im so appreciate everything he had done for me. So, i'm always keeping my relationship very simple because i think sometimes its good to keep something simple.It doesn't meant i dont take this serious. In fact, im willing to sacrifice and give him happiness. Its somehow very superficial.Things that always looks good on the outside might not be the same on the inside.And relationships is always between two parties,its a very personal matter.Sometimes having too much public attention is not necessary a good thing. But of course sometimes i will want to share my happiness to everyone,i want to talk about him,how happily in love i am.This time,i will not over do it :) Another one, our fifth monthsary is coming soon. I really do feel happy that i have you baby. I love you ;)

So this is the silly boy .

Next, im busying with my coming exams. Was keep doing some exercises and some revisions just hope to pass with flying colors. Fighto fighto! I believe, how many i pay how much i will get. I will work hard and get what i want. Seriously, sometimes i do feel a little lifeless and feel like crying out loud. I believe everyone do feel stress and me either but anyhow i will do my best. Just prove it to everyone around me.  

At the same time, i cant wait after exams. i have lots of things gonna complete it and there's many tasks from myself. i cant wait to complete it, i can see my life will be more awesome and great :) And I'm starting to save money from now on.

" We should appreciate everyone beside us, or else you will regret if one day they're not around you." I do believe about this, and this keep in my mind because something make me feel people come and go. Someone that we loved and respect all with our heart one day can quite literally vanish from our lives the next. Not necessarily from death. Sometimes simple circumstance can take a best friend or a lover right out of your hands. I know right, this is very random but this is very true too right. Please do appreciate everyone or everything people done for you. 

Here is a finally again, Justin. yeahhh, justin bieber ! So............ As long as you love me official video is out ! check it out in youtube people ! :)