Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hello peeepo.
I’ve been neglecting my twitter since the day my phone not beside me. I tried to tweet by using my laptop, but anyhow i couldn’t tweet as much as i tweet by using my phone. I feel weird, i dont know why! I miss my phone anyway. Mag’s phone having problem again, i met the same people again. Im so sick with this! /shaking head/ Which means I went to brightstar center again. A guy went in, he went there to collect his phone which sent to service, and he got the new one!! I’m sure I’ll be superb happy if i was him, he is using blackberry bold 9900 in white color. So Much Jealous!!
Alright, today totally not my day. I miscalculate the dates, i never expect my best friend visits me in the middle of night! I thought I was having stomachache or whatever, and i woke up, realized period instead and i was having menstrual cramp as well! So much pain, i really unable to describe how it feels. I vomited something out, white color liquid ( I dont know what it is) ! After vomited, i feel so weak and i cant feel my legs at that time! But i still went down to take some medicine and filled in hot water into the hot water bag! I went back to my room i tried hard to make myself fall asleep, at last i aslept. Horrible night in my life ever !! Terrible !! Superb terrible.
My life? Lifeless. I dont know how am i suppose to spend my day! Planned to go out for a date with boyfriend but ended up cancel due to i’m having menstrual cramps. He wanted to come over but i stopped him. Hehe! :3 I can’t wait to see him tomorrow, he is coming over tomorrow :D
So, november going to end. (happy thing for me ) I cant wait go to singapore with my cousins and my boyfriend might going too :3 I believe we will create many more good memories in those days :)

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