Thursday, November 22, 2012

Can't get used with it

So, i brought my phone to service yesterday morning due to my phone unable to detect the memory card ,format my phone and install 7.1 software and also add chinese too . I received the call from brightstar, blackberry service center. She told me that my phone should be okay, i was kinda happy when i heard about it. I went to  brightstar and i wanted to take my phone, she asked me to try whether the memory card can detect my phone or not. I tried. Unluckily, it cant detect to my phone. At that moment, I really feel like throwing my phone to the wall. LOL!

so this is the model of my phone. Of course this picture is not taken by me. I dont even have any picture of my phone :x
Lets continue it, so she asked me to passed my phone back to her, and she said they have to send to KL and repair it. After that, she told me that i have to wait at least two weeks or maybe sometimes more than two weeks or maybe around one month. I was like, WHAT? ONE MONTH?! PLEASE DON’T !
And now i’m really cant get used with it. I’m using my old sony ericsson phone hahaah! with those keypad, and i really cant get used with it. I’m like have to use thousands years to reply a message ! -.-

So fucking ugly -__-
I meant this keypad, so freaking hard to press. How i used this last time? LOL!

Currently, I’m waiting my phone to come back my side. I meant if, my phone cant repair. (Luckily still under warranty ) At the same time, of course i hope they can change a new one to me \(^o^)/ *dreaming*  IF, i really can get a new one. Can i take the white color blackberry? Kinda cool uh. :p
This is what i want, cool enough? Anyway, i can’t get used with this phone!! :/

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