Saturday, December 8, 2012


Christmas is near, and I am sure everyone is very excited of it. So, me either :) Btw, for me, the most scarier day is coming very very soon. Result day is coming and I am going to know the result and face it. I admit, I finding many ways to avoid that day because I am not brave enough and I no dare to face it. When people asks me about my target. In my mind, of course I hope I could get full A's, but this seems like not going to happen. Somehow, hopefully my result will be better than i expected.

So far, I did not see any Christmas decorations everywhere, maybe some of  the place. I started to wonder, wonder how is the decoration in singapore, especially in orchard road! I cant wait to see the decoration in singapore on next week :D 

Last year december @Orchard road.

Last year Orchard  road's decoration was so so, not so special actually. But simple and nice :D I remember last Christmas, I had my dinner @Kraze burger, Marina Bay Sand with family. After dinner we had Cold Rock's ice cream, i received kinda lots of christmas presents as well.

I'm going to singapore next week with cousins. You know,  I really cant wait!! But too bad, probably i couldn't celebrate christmas in singapore this year. Have no any idea and so far i dont have any event during Christmas. Sounds so friggin' lifeless!! I do really hope something special happen before this year ends.
Exactly, I can't wait 2013. It will be a better year and will be a productive year, I believe :)

So at this moment, I'm so worrying about my result ! Jeez.
Anyway, wish everyone has an awesome Christams. Merry Christmas in advanced :))

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