Friday, May 24, 2013


Saturday - 25052013 ; 4.29am 

Hello people, I know I have neglected this page almost half of a year. I was busying with my studies, I still cant accept and get used with it like seriously. The past four months , I was trying hard to get used everything and I spent my everyday time to complete my homeworks, tuitions and exam. But I still can't manage to finish up everything in time. To be honest, I expected all these will happen in this year, it gonna be a tough year for me. So, I'm trying to get used and do better in every single thing. Every subject in form 4 is very tough for me ( maybe i still cant get used with) but i believe day by day everything will be fine. :)

In these few months, really did happened a lot of stuffs. So I gonna share several incidents which made my life colourful at here. I went to Singapore during Chinese new year and i had my reunion dinner with family at Singapore for the first time. Although I unable to get many clothes as I bought quite a lot of clothes last year, Christmas  I still felt satisfied and happy. Felt happy that I got to meet up with the cousins. 

My sweet sixteen wasn't that perfect like what I expected, but I felt grateful and blissful that everyone I loved was with me during my birthday. Especially my friends, they gave me a big surprise ( and that's my bf's idea, anyway, thankyou love) when i was ready for recess and my bf was holding my favourite flavour cake, which is tiramisu walking into my class. Hehe, thankyou my friends. 

 150413 , First anniversary with my love. Time flies, can't believe we went thru all the ups and downs together and spent more than 365days. I feel much appreciated and loved in everything you've done to me. Although there's arguments during those days , but we still able to go through together and forgive each other. I promise that I will keep this relationship going and will not end this <3 nbsp="">

Mid year exam is finally over. And today is the second day of the holidays. I've spent my time on movies with the siblings. I watched Star Trek and Fast & Furious 6 just now. Both movies are great but i will prefer Fast & Furious 6 than Star Trek. I just cant describe how awesome Fast & Furious 6 is, MUST WATCH lah. haha! I'm having two weeks holiday, packed with tuition. Ugh! Anyway, i hope everyone is enjoying during holidays ! Have fun!! 

Time to sleep! Goodnight ! xoxo 

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