Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello, actually i've no idea what to blog now. Am actually waiting him to reach kuantan, he is on the way right now. Anyway, i am not really in the mood, mixed feelings and i have no idea what to do right now. Everything comes at the same time, i dont know what to do. I feel sorry but this is your responsible right, i dont know how.. 
I do hope everything will be better as fast as possible anyway.

Holiday started but there's a lot of tuitions during holidays and i am so lazy to care about it , i just hope there's no tuitions (I'm dreaming) ! Anyway, i hope i could go for some shopping in this holidays and have some outings with friends. I have no idea what to do everyday in the house, i think its time to manage my time and "waste'" some times on school works and tuition's homework, I'm gonna complete it as fast as i can.

So, actually i have nothing to do now and i simply update a new post in my blog. I spent my whole monday afternoon to watch XiaXue's Guide to Life videos, she does change a lot, i meant everything about her. I like her, i like hers sarcasm replies toward others who's trying to hurt her and her family friends. Cant deny, Dashiel ( XiaXue's new born baby) is very adorable. I can't wait to watch some videos about dashiel in future lah.

I should stop slacking everyday at home and do something meaningful to me and start reading the novel that jason bought to me.  Oh yeah, Howard's dog, Hayley came over and feel glad LuiLui has a companion already. But too bad, I guess they dislike each other lah, they just cant stop barking each other during evening. Somehow, it is kinda irritating. SO NOW, Hayley is barking down there. 

Tell meeee! What else i can do ?! Besides sleeping, eating, watching dramas. I have no idea at all !! Okay, I have no idea what to talk about . Its time to off to lay on bed and rollllllll... 

From this post what i can see is, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. 
P.s/ Sorry, actually i dont know what im talking about in this post lol lol.


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