Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well, the main exam over! In this moment i should be very enjoy and having fun with all my friends. I remember i was superb excited the days after exam, but actually what i found in these days is BORED

I feel so fucking lifeless. I have nothing to do every second except eat, sleep, watch tv...
Everyday rotting at home. Burrr, this is definitely not what i expected.

I thought what i want is, freedom. But freedom brought me bored, and this is not what i want. Currently, I'm in the progress planning something fun with the girls & i hope the plans we'r planning right now really work and not just plain talking. 

Two more months, another important day in my life, and also the time to face the fact. I dont expect more, and i'll accept what i get. The result is gonna show me how many effort i'd put in my studies. If, i meant if, i really get a really bad result, means i gonna do much more better in the future. Of course, i'll feel happy if i get an excellent result. But sorry for saying that, I've no confident at all. 

Three more months, a new life start. And i'm sixteen. hehe! I hope next year will be a good year for me. Be more hardworking & concentrate in studies and dont be a monkey anymore. hahaha. So at this moment, i should be enjoy my holiday & waiting something good happen.

;) ! 

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